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Project Description
This Sharepoint 2007/10 webpart provides a simple way to display grid based reports populated with data that comes from a SQL Server stored procedure.
Requires the installation of Industrial Dashboard

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  • Display grid based reports with SQL server data.
  • The format of the report is controlled by metatags in the Stored Procedure.
  • The style of the reports is managed by css files.
  • The stored procedures can receive parameters selected from three different types of filters (hierarchical drop down pickers, date picker and date scope picker)
  • Compatible with SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010


  • You need to install the latest version of Industrial Dashboard. IMPORTANT: IndustrialDashboard must be installed INSIDE your SharePoint portal. E.g.:
  • Copy FilteredIndustrialGrid.dll into “bin” your SharePoint folder.
  • Edit your SharePoint web.config file from SharePoint and add the following line between the <SafeControls> tag:

<SafeControl Assembly="FilteredIndustrialGrid, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=32774d25097f1407" Namespace="FilteredIndustrialGrid" TypeName="*" Safe="True"/> 
  • Only allow one authentication type in the IIS configuration of the Industrial Dashboard : either anonymous or Windows
  • If anonymous authentication is needed, you can change the web.config authentication mode to this:
<authentication mode="None" /> 
If not, the mode should be set as:
<authentication mode="Windows" /> 
  • Sharepoint's web.config sets a very restrictive environment that is inherited by the IndustrialDashboard application, one of the restrictions is the ability to log errors in the log file. In order to override these policies add the following to your IndustrialDashboard web.config -> system.web
<trust level="Full" 
      processRequestInApplicationTrust="true"  />

  • Reset IIS. You can do this by running “iisreset” from the command line.
  • Login to SharePoint, look for Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Modify All Site Settings.
  • Enter to Web Part Galleries, and Select “New” option.
  • Then tick “FilteredIndustrialGrid.FilteredIndustrialGrid” and click “Populate Gallery” button.
  • Finally, go to the SharePoint page area where you want to add the webpart, and select it from “Miscellaneous” category. If everything’s properly configured, a red warning message should appear inside the webpart, telling that no data source is loaded yet.

Configuration and use

Once the web part is added to the page, Data Source must be configured. To do so, look for “Data Source” in the properties of the webpart.

Store Procedure name: type here the name of the store procedure to display.
IndustrialDashboard root url: the path where IndustrialDashboard is installed.

Choose which picker you need to use.
In case it is a Dropdown Picker, the following properties must be set:

Dropdown picker Store Procedure Name: the name of the procedure which contains the data for the picker.
Dropdown picker filter: You can type here one or more parameters to filter the results, separated by commas
One parameter: CountryID
Multiple parameters: CountryID,CityID,Name

Grid color scheme: select a color layout for your grid.

new wp example.png

Available examples

In order to test your web part, you can use the stored procedures examples that come with IndustrialDashboard by default:
  • Full data without picker: you can use the Stored Procedure called 'dbo.getBatchDataIG' (without the single quotes).
  • With CalendarPicker: type 'dbo.getChartDataIGCalendar' at the Stored Procedure.
  • With DropDownPicker: set the Stored Procedure to 'dbo.getCitiesList'. Later set the DropDownPicker Stored Procedure to 'dbo.getDropDownPickerData', then set the filter to 'CountryID' (always without the single quotes).

How does it work?

The webpart consists of two files:
  • AssemblyInfo.cs: contains webpart assembly and security properties.
  • FilteredIndustrialGrid.cs: It’s the webpart class itself, built in C#. Extracts the properties that the user typed and builds the code with JavaScript to display the widgets.


Authors: Javier Castagnino | Juan Sagasti


AustralTek is a US based company dedicated to developing industry solutions in the areas of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Industrial IT.
We utilize state of the art technology to produce tools that help optimizing the different production areas in a plant.
We are specialists in technological upgrades and in the integration of existing systems with superseded platforms, thus obtaining more accurate data and homogenizing plant information flow.

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